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Giant Minifig - Technic


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Hello World!

I'm a LEGO Technic Giant minifigure that every adult LEGO fan probably wants. (47cm / 18,5 inch)
But, for reasons of costs and part quantities, the automation with Mindstorms was not carried out!

Unfortunately - against the rules here, I understood - I am not finished! (Just too few LEGO parts ...) But, with good supporters, my creator will invest a little in LEGO Technic and keep you up to date in the form of updates! So I hope, it’s ok!?

To me:
- Curently every joint of a minifigure is built in and rotatable.
- Only the basics are currently equipped with PowerFunction.
  - This includes:
    - 2x PF for the feet (hips)
    - 2x PF for the shoulders
    - 1x PF for the neck

- Planned updates:
    - New arms (with/without PF motor for the wrist.)
    - New hands (without pneumatics, unfortunately only drives up the price.)
    - Disguising the body, and expanding the head.
    - ...Gimmicks: hair, hats, etc. pp.

So i hope you support me!
I think, there should be a Lego Technic Ideas too!

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