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Lifeboat Station


~~Just along the coast from the fishing harbour is the lifeboat station. This model is set at low tide and the station is celebrating the arrival of a new model lifeboat. To recognise the event the town mayor is attending, being interviewed by the local press, and there are ice cream and coffee stalls to provide refreshments. As entertainment there are pony rides available – at the moment the ponies are getting an apple treat.

The lifeboat is inspired by the current UK Shannon class boat and has its own tractor to drive out into the sea to launch.

All of the lifeboat, tractor and lifeboat station are modular to give improved access and are detailed both internally and all round.

This model uses a style and colouring to be consistent with the fishing harbour and includes a promenade module. Further promenade modules can link to the harbour as shown in one of the supporting pictures.

This model has 1900 bricks and is set on 2 32 x 32 base plates with the ramp set on a further 32 x 32 plate. In total there are 15 minifigs - plus a dog.

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