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Minifigure - Blueprint

Here's the LEGO Minifigure Blueprint!

This is a celebration of the LEGO minifigure that we all know and love so much. For 45 years, since 1978, we have had countless and countless of minifigures. Both generic ones, licensed ones and exclusive ones. The minifigures is the glue that holds the LEGO brand together, the mascot of LEGO, if you will. Minifigures makes the building experience fun and entertaining, and helps bring the stories to life. LEGO would not be where it is today, without the minifigure(s).

This is where it all started. With a great idea from the drawing table. The plain minifigure also has its own blueprint and there's something beautiful about it.

This model was in need of some part usage, that was cleverly thought out. It uses sausages, hockey sticks, teeth, arms and other great parts, together with standard bars and strings. Together it creates a recogniseable outline of the minifigure as it stands. The model can even be hung on the wall, in all its glory, with the two hangers on the back of the frame.

This set should of course have its own specialised and exclusive Minifigure too. A Blueprint Minifigure. Clever right?!

So together lets celebrate the wonderful life of the Minifigure with this blueprint. May the Minifigure stand for many more years to come!

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