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Nuclear Power Plant

Hey! LEGO City needs more power!
This LEGO supercritical water reactor can produce all the electricity you require for your LEGO City citizens. The reactor uses nuclear fission to generate heat, which boils steam until it becomes supercritical. It then uses this steam to generate electricity for your LEGO city. The reactor uses one cooling tower to provide cooling for the water used in the condensers. The reactor includes a spent fuel pool where you can store your used and unused fuel rods, a control room where your minifigures can control the reactor, a turbine building to generate the power and the reactor inside the reactor building itself.
I built this reactor since I think nuclear energy is a very fascinating technology, and also since LEGO doesn't have many power plants yet.
The build includes many features: it includes many of the important parts that you can find in any nuclear power plant such as a spent fuel pool, a control room, the steam turbine, a cooling system such as a cooling tower and of course the reactor itself!
This set includes 5 minifigures: 2 reactor operators, one security guard and two mechanics.
This set includes 2995 pieces.

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