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Alfa Romeo Giulietta - Fits 4 Minifigures!

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta (2010 edition) is a nice combination of a sporty hatchback and a family car. This model has been created to fit in with the existing Lego Speed Champions 8-wide scale for cars. However, this model is unique in that it fits four full minifigures, which is rare in a Lego car of this small scale.

The exterior has plenty of details such as the iconic triangular grille, Alfa Romeo logos, transparent white headlights, red rear lights, transparent orange directional lights, side view mirrors, a suggestion of a fuel cap on the right hand side, and a rear license plate. The white livery and chosen wheel rims correspond with one of the many options of the real car.

The roof can be removed in order to fit the passengers inside. The front seats and steering wheel are slightly adjustable, and there are several details including a gear shift stick and a handbrake. In addition, the rear seats can fold down in order to increase the boot/trunk area for hauling around larger pieces of cargo.

It would make for a great Lego toy or display model because of the sleek exterior design, its interactivity with minifigures and its affordable price and easy-to-handle size. It would also need no new parts and little new printed or stickered elements.

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