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Exploration HQ

The Exploration HQ is the first proposal for my Automotive Design Masters major project, for which I am designing a new LEGO Sci-Fi exploration theme which, as of right now, will go by the name LEGO Horizon. 

For the project I will be designing a series of 4 models, the largest of which will be a mobile HQ, and this is my first proposal for that model.

This set contains 5 minifigures, a mobile HQ and breakable boulders, which contain hidden crystals for the characters to analyse. The vehicle itself measures over 43cm long and 24cm wide. It contains 1194 bricks, and has loads of cool features including:

- a foldable ramp/back leading to a quad bike hidden in the rear of the vehicle

- a retractable radio dish, which, thanks to a series of gears on a parallel linkage system, can be rotated via the gear no matter what angle it's elevated to

- a cockpit that can detach as a mini jet

- once the jet has been removed, the mini laboratory is revealed for extra playability

- the large rock model actually breaks open when hit, to reveal the crystal inside

- an articulated steering system allows the vehicle to turn, and also swivels to allow for off-road capability

- the off-road capability is enhanced again by each pair of wheels being on a separate gearing system, which allows each set of wheels to twist up and down independently 

Though this set was designed mainly as one of my uni project proposals, I felt it would also be a great set for people to pick up off the shelves for themselves, and I do hope you agree.

Thanks in advance for any support and feedback.



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