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Fire Emblem Heroes: The Aether Keeps

The Fire Emblem series, while not quite as popular as other games, has recently grown to become one of Nintendo's biggest franchises. Its mobile title, Fire Emblem Heroes, has especially become profitable for the company, being one of their most successful titles on phones. With interesting stories, unique and compelling strategic gameplay, and hundreds of lovable characters, it's not too hard to see why Fire Emblem has become so beloved despite its initial obscurity.

This set in particular is based on the Aether Keeps, where you can send out your units to fight enemies to increase your Lift or go to the Aether Resort where your Heroes can hang out together. I primarily chose this mode as it provided the most opportunity for playability.

The set includes:
  • The Aether Raids, where you can battle foes in a battlefield filled with traps and other structures!
  • The Aether Resort, where Heroes can relax and visit certain buildings, including:
    • The Armory, where Heroes can try out sample weapons.
    • The Dining Hall, where Heroes can eat or cook dishes.
    • The Hot Springs, where Heroes can relax and swim around in the Hot Springs
    • The Field, where Dragonflowers and ingredients for the Dining Hall are harvested
  • 6 Minifigures: Marth, Roy, Lyn, Ike, Edelgard, and Lucina
  • Small references to Book II, III, VI, and V hidden in the set.
  • Rooftop of the Dining Hall includes a crate containing a bunny hat and a winter hat.
  • A display stand for your Heroes, which also includes a small perch for Feh the owl.
Let's get this to 10,000 for the possibility of LEGO Fire Emblem becoming a reality!

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