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Indiana Jones: Jock's Plane Getaway

Indiana Jones: "Jock, there's a snake in the plane!"
Jock: "Oh, that's just my pet."
Indiana Jones: "I hate snakes, Jock. I hate them!"

Recreate the iconic moment from Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) with this brand-new LEGO Ideas set submission!

  • This 81-piece set includes two minifigures: Indiana Jones and his trusty companion, Jock! The set also includes a variety of accessories for the two heroes to use. Among these are a fishing rod, Indy's trusty whip, and of course Jock's pet snake!

  • Jock's Plane is a new and improved version from the one that came from the original Indiana Jones line in 2008. This model has an accurate two, white propeller blades instead of three, black blades like on the original model. This plane can also hold two minifigures instead of just one, another improvement to add to both the playability and accuracy of the plane.

Voting on this project allows for us LEGO fans to bring back an amazing retired theme through the LEGO Ideas platform! Your support would be greatly appreciated!

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