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My Neighbor Totoro - Bus-Stop Scene

Celebrate Studio Ghibli's iconic My Neighbor Totoro with one of its most iconic parts: The scene where Satsuki meets Totoro!

I love this scene and this film so much, with the beautiful, lush foliage behind, the tall trees, the sound of the rain, and the iconic sign.
I opted to create Satsuki as a BrickHeadz as it captures a better level of detail. She has her red umbrella with her, and Totoro has decent coverage with his leaf!
The two have a backdrop of the deep forest, with three trees behind them. The ground has suggestions of the rain, with 1x1 round tiles. I made the foliage as wild as possible to make the scene as atmospheric as it is in the film! I really enjoyed building this simple display piece, so I hope you like it too!
Dimensions -
Width - 39 studs
Depth - 16 studs
Height - 17.5 Bricks

Let's make a Totoro set a reality!

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