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Modular Building: Pharmacy

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This modular pharmacy* was created to fit in with the rest of the modular buildings sold by LEGO. It is a 16x32 build with two floors. On the first floor (top right) is a counter for customers to pick up their prescriptions from the pharmacists. There is also a shelf for over the counter medicines to pick up!

The second floor (bottom right) is an office for the pharmacist/owner to take care of business; it also doubles as extra storage and a place to hold the pharmacy's safe.

This build, as is, contains almost 1300 bricks and would fit perfectly with buildings like the Fire Brigade, Pet Shop, and Green Grocer!

*I have not created this with real bricks yet; these are strictly screenshots from LDD.

Here is a view of the second floor storage that holds various medicines!

Here is a view from the back showing the sloped roof tiles as well as the blue and white window shutters.

View from the front showing front door, windows, and a large S (can be any letter to represent the name of the store). Each window is complete with a windowsill planter and flowers.

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