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House of the Exile

It is the home of an old man who loves peace. There are two floors in this house, the first is a hall with a supply of food and various weapons. Then stairs lead to the bedroom in
which has a bed, a table with breakfast and a hanger with capes and a crown. From the second floor you can enter through the steel door to the balcony from which a spiral staircase leads to a small platform with a telescope. In front of the main entrance is a small bridge to which the people are attached. There is also a fishing rod for catching fish. The house is built on a small island and the man inhabiting it
is an exiled king (crown and name of the building).
I am a fan of the desert, so I decided to build something in this climate that's why most of the blocks used for this building are in shades of sand. I also like vegetation and mountains, that's why mine
the building is built into a fragment of the mountain and covered with leaves here and there. The author of this idea is only me and nobody helped me to implement it.
A building on such subjects has not been designed yet so I think that it would be very popular. It also contains an interesting minifigure that is constructed of some interesting elements like a hat or a long beard.
I believe in the success of this building and invite you to vote.
:) :)