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The Houseboat


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This isn't just a boat. This is a Houseboat, you can life on it and drive along the sea or a river.

What is included:

On the first floor is a little living room placed with a couch, a table to eat a picnic and a chair. You also can sit outside of the boat. There are two chairs and a table placed.

Next to the living room is a kitchen and a bathroom. In the kitchen you can find a cooker, a sink and a oven. Beside the cooker and the oven is a bookshelf placed.

On the second floor is a bedroom with a roof, which can be open up. Next to it is a deck chair and a little table with an umbrella on it.

How to get into the Houseboat:

There are three sliding doors to get into it and at the back is also a hatch to get from the back into the boat.

How to get on the second floor:

You can climb on the two ladders to get on it.

I hope you like my project and if you would like to build this model as a real LEGO Set. So please support The Houseboat and let's make my dream come true.


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