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LEGO History Sets


5 small fun bits of history.

these sets are individual sets. they show parts of past histor.

Set 1 Egyptian era. contains 29 bricks. Included is one black colored cat, one dark red scorpion, and one anubis mini figure. There is a obelisk structure.

Set 2 Greek are. Contains 36 bricks. Included is one greek soldier. There are two broken columns. 

Set 3 Knight are. Contains 46 bricks. Includes one knight in shinning armor. a caslte tower biuld.

Set 4 Pirate are. Contains 38 bricks. Includes one pirate. has a pirate ships.

Set 4 Samurai are. Contains 31 bricks. Includes one samurai worrior. with cherry blossom tree.


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