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'Tesla' Magnetic Spaceship


Nicola Tesla was the greatest modern inventor in our history. To honor him, his name was used to call the denomination of magnetic induction. This is the reason, why I called my ship 'Tesla'.

As you can see, my spaceship has got two big engines in the form of of classic magnets. I also used red and blue bricks to expose the relationship between 'Tesla' and magnets.

Behind the cockpit is a little magazine for pilot's staff and hair piece. At the back of the ship is a single leg, which should be use in landing mode. At the front are two flick-fire missiles.

Name of the pilot is Witold Kruczek. In holoprojector we can see David Halliday. Convergence of people and names is accidental.

Thanks for sharing, supporting ang following. 


Set comes with 1001 pieces. All was built and designed in Lego Digital Designer 4.3.9.


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