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The Black Axe - Mouse Guard


In the Winter of 1152, the Mouse Guard face a food and supply shortage threatening the lives of many mouse through a cold and icy season. Some of the Guard’s finest — Saxon, Kenzie, Lieam, and Sadie, led by Celanawe, the legendary Black Axe — traverse the snow-blanketed Territories acting as diplomats to improve relations between the mouse cities and the Guard, and seeking vital supplies in their headquarters at Lockhaven. But hungry predators, the dangers of ice and snow, and a wrong turn into the haunted depths of the abandoned weasel tunnels of Darkheather place even so intrepid a band of Guardsmice in mortal peril. This is a winter not every Guard may survive…


Mouseguard™ Copyright 2016 David Petersen

The entire build consists of approximately 580 pieces. The cloth and fur are from Lego Duplo.

Take a look at these special characters: Saxon, Lieam,Celanawe.

(I think that the Micky Mouse heads must be exchanged.)

I hope you like this project and any feedback is appreciated.

Thanks for viewing!

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