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Flying Saucer for One

As a child, I always loved LEGO Flying saucer's (and castles) and I wanted to share this feeling with others. When you approach this cartoon-like flying saucer, you'll think it looks rather cure.
But don't let those looks fool you, once you see the menacing rear end of this saucer you'll soon realize that this is not your average vehicle.
I've Blended 60's-70's looks with a cartoon-like saucer shape and the complete set is only 390 bricks!

This set features: 
  • Fully furnished and luxurious cockpit
  • Menacing rocket/turbine engine in the back
  • Fan on the bottom to provide lift
  • 4 easy to remove legs

I'm pretty sure that a lot of us played with UFO's as a child, this on the other hand is more of a show piece. You can certainly play with it, but the cockpit doesn't open (it's a bit big for that).

I hope you like my take on a flying saucer, see you guys on Pluto!

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