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Donald Duck's house

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Lego has the Disney license, so they could make the house of the iconic character. It includes a comfortable couch in front of the chimney, a phone to interrupt these comfortable moments in front of the chimney, a second floor with the nephews' room, and a secret entrance to the hideout of the Duck Avenger, Donald`'s masked identity.

The minifigures included would be Donald, Huey, Dewey, Louie and the Duck Avenger. The beaks would require a new piece, or a hinge brick may be put between the heads and necks to form the beak.

I wanted to add some Star Wars alien headpieces and some from Chima to put on the table of the Duck Avenger's hideout to represent his masks, and some tools as inventions at the opposite wall of the hideout. Lego Digital Designer only allowed these pieces on the heads and hands of the figures, so we'll have to imagine how would they look on the final product. At least I hope this to give a basic idea of the hypotetical set's general shape.

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