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Ninjago Tournament: Zane vs. Ultimate Nindroid


First off, i hereby dedicate this project to Henny4315. He inspired me to make this. Now, down to business! This set includes a miniature dojo with a weapon rack that has three gold weapons, a fighting pole, and two minifigures, Zane and the Ultimate Nindroid. Combine with fire vs. ash set to create bigger tournament! (one of Henny4315's sets.) This scene is set in a snow arena. leave comments if you want to uh... comment? I guess? Oh, yeah, and also if you want me or Henny4315 to make more kinds of tournament fights. (p.s. My family just got an 8 year old cat named Sammy! Please support and comment to celebrate!) Also I suggest checking out Henny4315's projects! (they're pretty cool!) Watch for more Ninjago Tournament sets. (Spoilers... there might be mechs involved!)

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