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The Fortress

The Fortress is the first actual castle I’ve entered one Ideas so far. The gate is fully functional, and a video can be seen below. A drawbridge must be let down for accessibility to the castle, and then the gate must be opened. Inside is a small medieval building for storage, two rooms full of beds, a stable, and a weaponry. There are 7 knight minifigures guarding the outpost, and one horse inside the stable.

Piece count: 3,000

There are two towers surrounding the gate, which are built using hinge pieces and light grey bricks and a variety of plates and texture pieces. Light grey is the primary color used in this build because of the castle walls. Medieval and castle builds are great Lego sets, and I think it would be great if Lego produced more because of their building techniques, playability, and mechanical functions.

I hope you like my newest project idea! Please support!

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