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Jay’s Titan Mech


Here is the new Jay’s Titan Mech. The blue Ninja can help now the Pixal’s Samouraï X and the Lloyd’s Titan Mech to fight their ennemies ! The Jay’s Titan Mech use a long fire sword and a large shield. The Titan can use its black wings to fly and move faster. Its arms and its legs are articulated with differents systems. At the back of the robot the wings can rise to allow Jay to sit in the cokpit.

I dreamed building a LEGO robot for a long time and as my daugther is fond of the LEGO Ninjago sets, she gives me the idea to buid a Ninjago Mech for Jay the blue Ninja. I attempted unsuccessfully again and again. It was a difficult challenge for me because I have not a large range of bricks and particularly few sorts of articulated bricks. Today I’m prood to present my creation to you !

The Jay’s Titan is easy to build and need few bricks.Nevertheless it’s a powerful warrior ready to help the Ninjago Titan army ! If you think like me the Jay would like undoubtedly pilot his own Mech, please take your time and support it !

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