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Log-In Bed and Breakfast


The Log-In Bed and Breakfast, a place for your minifigures to rest, eat and recover after a day’s hiking up in the mountains and the forests.  

I have worked on this idea and project for a long time. It all started about a year ago, I noticed that there are almost no LEGO sets that contains a hotel. I decided to take the task in my own hands and turned to LEGO IDEAS, the website where your dreams can become reality. However, I noticed early in the process that a hotel would be to big and contain too many pieces which led to a bed and breakfast instead.

The model is based on buildings and architecture you can find in mountainous areas, for example in the Alps. Inside the building there are lot of different rooms and details. By the door there is a small reception with a telephone and keys for the rooms. In the lobby you will find a big fireplace that can light up because of a lightbrick. The second room holds the dining area and the kitchen. A stair leads up to the second floor and there is a small bathroom beneath it. On the second floor you will find two rooms, one single room and one double room with a bunk bed. Both of the rooms leads out to the balcony. The third floor has one room for three guests. Inside there are also an armchair and a cap holder. (You can see more details on the pictures above).   

It was important to me that this idea was both a good build and a good playset. For example I have designed the model so you can remove the roof and the floors to be able to access all of the rooms. You can also remove the upper beds on the bunk beds so you can reach the lower ones more easily. It was also important to me that it existed some play features outside the building, that is why I added a kayak, a place to chop wood, a few mushrooms to pick and fishing equipment. The whole build (including the minifigures) consists of around 2850 pieces, but you could definitely reduce the partcount.

Basic information

  • Around 2850 pieces

  • 8 minifigures (chef, receptionist, 6 guests, two of them being children)         

  • 2 animals (an owl and a rat)  

  • Length, 29cm / 11.4inches   

          Width, 24cm / 9.4inches

          Height 29cm / 11.4inches

  • Weight, 2.3 kilograms / 5.2 pounds

Feel free to share this project to friends and family, every single support counts!

Thank you!


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