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The Art of Flamenco.

Celebrating Flamenco, the bi-centenarian folklore and tradition from Southern Spain that, since 2010, belongs to UNESCO's Intagible Cultural Heritage.

This model tries to bring to LEGO form the dance and music from my region of origin. The simplicity of the setup -a guitar, a flowy dress, a small space to dance- belies the richness of its tradition and the diversity of styles. Though quite localised geographically, Flamenco has become a world-wide phenomenon and an essential showcase of Spanish culture as seen from abroad.

Other musical traditions, such as jazz, have been acknowledged by LEGO with some brilliant sets, so I thought that a Flamenco theme would be a great companion to those sets. After I designed a dancer for a recent challenge, I decided to improve and expand the model with a guitar player and singer, plus a stage.

The model features a few details that you would find across different Flamenco shows. The dancer carries an embroidered Manila shawl (with a custom sticker) and a Spanish fan. A single flower lies on the stage. I tried to make the guitar as detailed as possible despite being just one-brick thick. The chair is, of course, the typical enea (bulrush or cattail) chair -nothing else would do!

758 parts were enough to complete the model. I hope you like it! :)

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