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ZeroKm Market Square

This moc wants to represent the idea of ​​a zero km market square in an era of attention towards the environment and zero impact pollution.
In the square there are two fruit/vegetable and flower stalls, a fountain, an apple tree, a sign overlooking the square indicating "zero km market square", a European/medieval style building where we find a pastry shop and a tailor's shop and a greenhouse where fruit/vegetables and flowers are grown for sale at zero km.
The square is animated by 10 minifigures and a poodle: the farmer, the pastry chef, the seamstress, the greengrocer, the florist, the policeman and a family made up of mum, dad, two children and the dog.
I created this moc to further raise awareness of the problem of pollution, in Italy there already exist these places where the production of fruit and vegetables takes place in the place where the goods are sold.
Very playable moc and I believe in this idea as children can approach and understand the pollution problem.
The moccasin measures 51L 26P 32 H and is made up of approximately 2700 pieces
Why should this moc become a Lego Ideas set?
Because I think it's a great idea to bring people further together on the problem that concerns us all, the whole world, so if you like it, vote, vote, vote, thank you very much.

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