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Harvest Times Newspaper Del- Truck and Stand


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Hi This is Treetop 2017! I am writing to tell everyone who loves to play , learn and build with Lego's about my new idea called Harvest Times Newspaper Truck and Stand. This idea comes with 240 total bricks and pieces. Here is a brief description of what comes with the idea. One newspaper truck, one truck driver, one cell phone, one sack truck, one box, 6 newspapers, one lift, one plate number, one sign on the front of the truck, one opening and closing door frame and door on the back. One Newspaper Stand, one Newspaper clerk, one coffee mug, one scanner, one sales computer and other items including a flag pole and flag pole circle. I built this idea because the current newspaper stand that Lego makes does not have a delivery truck in the one that the company already makes, and i think that it should have one to be more accuate in today's world.  This idea would be great for any of the other sets that Lego makes, be a great first Lego set for the beginners, it was easy to make and would be hours of fun for everyone! Thanks for your vote, and have a Great Day! Your Lego fan and builder Treetop 2017! P.S Please feel free to share with family and friends my idea and thanks again!

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