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SWTOR: The Hangar Duel

This is a set based on the fight in the hanger from the swtor "return" trailer. In this set i have tried to squeeze parts of a massive hanger into a 32 by 32 space and about 8.5 bricks high. I have also tired to add memorable parts of the trailer.

The set includes the door leading to the hanger, a bay door with the blue shield, 4 pieces of fire, extra pieces of detail on the walls and the floor including: pipes, alarm lights and rubble, it also includes two big pieces of rubble for Kao Cen Darach to throw at Darth Malgus, and a mechanism to recreate his awesome light saber throw.

It shall come with six minifigs including:
Vindican- coming with a black handled double red bladed lightsaber
Kao Cen Darach- coming with a silver handled green bladed lightsaber
Nico Okarr- coming with 2 black blaster pistols
Satele Shan (lego already make)- coming with a dark grey handled double blue balded lightsaber
Jace Malcom (lego already make)- coming with the blaster lego made him.
Malgus (lego already make)- coming with a black handled red bladed lightsaber (without his resperater)

These are the two objects Kao Cen Darach tossed at Malgus durring the fight, what are a broken platform and an ion engine. these can be placed anywhere in the hanger. To add just that tiny bit more detail i added 4 pieces of fire to make the hanger look a bit more destroyed.

Here is the device to recreate the awesome light saber throw. The red(would be transparent) part holding the light saber, can fit in to the rectangle in the picture above, with a simple removal of one of the slopes at any end. This allows the light saber to slide across the room appearing to be in the air, allowing you to recreate the part were Kao Cen Darach saves Satele Shan by throwing his light saber.

This is the control panel that Jace shoots when the door closes to stop sith troops entering the hanger. A door will be added in the next update if wanted.

Overall i think this is a great set capturing the massive hanger in this small space, coming with mini figures that i know people have wanted, and it boasts great play ability.

(If you would like me to put in a door and and something like the duel on Geonosis, where you can move Yoda around really easily please tell me in the comments.)

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