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2-In-1 Series: The Undercover Unit


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The 2-in-1 Series is my new concept plan for Lego. It combines two Lego objects into one build. By transforming and a little rearrangement of parts, you can shift form from one object to the other. Or give an object a complete new purpose.

This is my first submission in the 2-in-1 series. The set contains a truck and a trailer. The truck can transform into a crane. The trailer can open up and contain three objects: a mobile jail with villain, a police motorcycle or a foldable police drone. The crane can lift the objects out of the trailer so they can be used.

In truck mode you can't see this is a police unit. Therefor it is an undercover unit which can track down the bad guy with the drone, capture them with the police motorcycle and put them in the mobile jail.

I haven't build a villain vehicle yet. This might be a good idea for a next set.

If you like this build, please support me. And let me know which objects you want me to build for future ideas.

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