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Mini Motorized Race Track


A cool micro-scale race track with tiny cars that actually drive around! Check out the video below to see it in action!

Welcome to the Mini Motorized Race Track! Perfect for both play and display, this miniature race track includes:

Driving Cars - Using a simple motorized mechanism, four cars zoom around the track as they race against each other!

Start Line & Grandstand – Join the crowd of spectators to watch the race from the safety of the grandstand, with great views of the entire circuit!

Tire Bridge & Cameras - A cute little bridge provides access while the two cameras capture the action from above and below!

Winner's Podium & Restaurant - Celebrate your victory on the podium, then grab a bite to eat at the track side cafe underneath!

Pit Stop Garages - This massive structure houses four garages situated under a VIP lounge!

Race Control Tower - With an uninterrupted panoramic view, the tallest building on the track is the best place to oversee the race!

I've always loved the challenge of building mini LEGO creations, as it's great fun capturing so many details in such a small scale! I also love functional builds, so I thought it would be a great idea to combine these features together in this Mini Motorized Race Track. This micro-scale design is based on my minifigure-scale display of the same race track, which I've showcased on my YouTube channel.

I believe this Mini Motorized Race Track would be a fun addition to any collection, as a cute little desk decoration or as the centerpiece to your mini city!

I appreciate your support!

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