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Truck and Camper


Hello! Thanks for taking the time to check out this project!

The Basics-What This Is And What It Contains

This is a truck and a camper trailer for those that want most of the comforts of home out in the wilderness or at a campground. Included are the trailer and truck, obviously, plus two minifigures.

The Camper Trailer

The trailer in this project is made to house two minifigures and has a sliding extension that comes out when you pull on it. There is an easy handle created using two 2x2 inverted sloped pieces, a 1x8 plate, two 1x2 tiles on either side, a brown 1x4 plate in the middle to represent dirt, and some smaller pieces to create a small windowsill flower bed. On the inside of that extension is a bed for one of the minifigures. Underneath the extension are some 1x6 tiles to help the extension slide out smoothly. But there is also a bed underneath that extension replacing some 1x6 tiles so a second person can be housed inside. Right next to the bed on the floor is the bathroom, but next to the bathroom are two shelves. One holds two glasses and a waterbottle, and the one above that one holds some medicine bottles and two spare coins. On the opposite side is a cabinet and another shelf. The shelf contains two coffee mugs, while the cabinet contains two white plates and a red butter knife. Inside the bathroom, there is, of course, a toilet and a shower. The showerhead is hanging from a bar on the ceiling. On the outside wall of the bathroom a clock hangs on the wall, while a spatula is locked in a hook attached to the wall. Across the trailer from the bathroom is the front door with a silver doorknob and a dark red welcome mat. Next to the front door is the kitchen, which has a range (combined stove and oven) that has a baking pan inside the oven part and a frying pan on the stove part. Next to the range is the sink, which is used for all water sources inside the trailer, because, due to the small amount of space, the bathroom doesn't have a sink. At a right angle to the sink is a mini-fridge that contains two apples and two oranges, in case the minifigures inhabiting the trailer decide they want a snack. There is counter space on top of the mini-fridge. And, of course, the trailer has a ball joint connection so a truck can tow it.

The Truck

The white truck included in this project can seat two minifigures due to the large amount of space inside the cab. It has a white bed cover over the bed. The windows are tinted, just like on a real truck. The bed and hood are the same length, and the truck has a black stripe on the bottom. This truck was constructed not on a standard car base, but on a regular black 2x16 plate. It has a socket connection so it can be attached to the trailer to tow it around. The roof has two ceiling-mounted lights so the minifigures can have light inside the trailer at night, one inside the bathroom and one for the main section of the trailer.

The Minifigures

There are two minifigures included in this project. I like to think of the minifigure wearing the blue jacket as the other minifigure's father, because his hair color makes him look older, but of course you can decide whatever roles you want for them. I like to think of this project as portraying a father-son camping trip, but it doesn't have to be. You can decide for yourself.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to check out this project!

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