Product Idea

Hercules: Hydra Battle

Recreate the epic battle with this Disney's Hercules (1997) set!

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  • Hercules Minifigure ,(son of Zues, has incredibly might)
  • Phil/Philoctetes Minifigure (a old satyr, trainer of Hercules within the film)
  • Hades Minifigure (God of the underworld. He is the enemy within the film)
  • Pegasus (A mythical winged horse also Hercules flying steed in the movie)
  • Hydra brick built creature (A mythical creature, if one head is severed three more will take it's place. Although only two in the original mythology)

The three heads of the Hydra can all be easily removed and attached for many different possibilities and to show the stages as seen within the film, (since it starts of with just one of the heads).

The hydra also has a huge amount of articulation including within the jaws which allows them to be cleanly shut along the upper jaw.

Thank you for taking the time to look through my project. Every support will help the project grow and will be very much appreciated.

-Thunderous Blade