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The Dojo and the Chinese Restaurant

First of all, thank you very much for reading this, and I invite you to press the support button and help this project. Your support means a lot.

Actually, I'm very proud to say that I've done this project digitally since it's the first time I've tried it and I think it turned out pretty decent. My idea has 2770 pieces and a total of 12 minifigures, not counting the micro figure piece.

The outer part is very varied: the area below is the Dojo, and for that I wanted it to be inspired by the Ninjago theme. The intermediate area is the Chinese restaurant and like the previous one, I wanted to base it on Ninjago in order to adapt this oriental style to a modern building, so to speak. The third and last floor are not very original, but I am still happy with the result. It's about my house (the minifigure in the kitchen is based on me) and so I've tried to represent some of my routines in this build. However, I think it's the worst thing about the build and so if we get to 5000 supporters (hopefully we do) I'll update it and try to improve it.

The interior of the first floor is the closest thing I could find to a Dojo, I put a shelf for the trophies and some small stands for the spectators, all this next to some golden statues of some Asian senseis. I think my favorite part of the set is the restaurant as I've been able to add a lot to a little space; I have added a seating bar with a waiter and a minifigure of a man with a LEGO Space t-shirt, there are also several tables and on them, you can see a girl eating. However, what I like the most is the falling of the waitress, since I think I represented it quite well.

The minifigures are quite varied:
- My minifigure.
- The two waiters.
- The master of the Dojo, who is obviously inspired by Master Wu from Ninjago.
- The two teenage fighters of the Dojo.
- The teenager from the restaurant.
- The two golden statues of the Dojo.
- The man in the Space T-shirt.
- The woman who talks on the phone on the sidewalk.
- The woman who goes up the stairs to the restaurant.

Thanks for viewing my idea. Good luck!

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