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“铬黑曜石” (Chrome Obsidian) Flight and Battle Suit

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Built by the Chinese in 2024, the Chrome Obsidian suit was a more developed version of the Iron Hound suit. It was designed with a more lightweight frame and faster reflexes, to assure that the most efficient fighting styles remain possible. It has an upgraded thrusters and sensor system. The thrusters have been upgraded from only 10 miles of jet-speed flight, to 30 miles of jet-speed flight. 

Chrome Obsidian is owned the creator and tester, who goes by the alias of “Strafe”. The suit has all the same functions as the Iron Hound, but superior in every way. Developed months after the Iron Hound, the movements and weaknesses of the suit have been studied closesly, and have been improved with the newer design. It has a different color scheme and a sleeker design than Iron Hound, adding to the wow factor that the suit brought . 

All joints on the suit limbs are omnidirectional. The shoulder guards, helmet, and chest plate move vertically. The feet are movable with click hinges, which adds to the stability. The suit has room for a single pilot in the chest cavity, with the torso and legs in the chest, and the head in the helmet. The helmet has enough room for a minifigure to have hair, or a small helmet on while inside the helmet. The suit is freestanding, and is able to stand on a flat surface unaided. Design was personal idea, and looks cool as heck. Though picture may be a bit weird, the real life LEGO creation looks extremely cool, I enjoyed creating this set, and hope it becomes an actual set, so everyone can enjoy it. Be sure to check out my other creations in this series, and support. Expect more suits and creations in this series in the near future.

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