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F-tron Scout Craft


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It's nuclear fusion engines blazing, the first F-tron ship leaves the line and heads of towards it's first mission: Explore Krysto.

F-tron is a space theme that I came up with. F stands for force fields because the use force fields to protect themselves from Blacktron raiders and space debris. F-tron is a division of M-tron sent out to explore other worlds.

Why did I build this?
I built this because I was inspired by @MinifigInSpace's Seatron theme to create my own theme.
Why do I believe this would make a great set?
People love space, and kids of all ages can create stories of exploration with this spacecraft.

Side note: Because I don't have a way to create a custom minifigure yet, I have used a Spyrius astronaut for the pilot. Keep tuned for updates!

Keep building and have fun!

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