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Hungarian bus: Ikarus 280.26

Bus Ikarus 280.26 is articulated bus a Hungarian, was produced in the factory Ikarus. The first models appeared in Poland in 1979. Buses are equipped with a cab driver. To drive this version uses a 6-cylinder diesel engine Raba-MAN D2156HM6U with maximum power of 142 kW (193 hp). In the bus, there are four doors in the 2-2-2-2 system. The front axle of the vehicle is torsion. While the second has twin wheels. Bus is 16.5 meters in length.

My bus is in the painting, which was operated in Poland. This bus, for example, is located in Poznan. Bus with LEGO bricks is 66 centimeters in length. Bus was built in 2086 bricks. Ikarus 280.26 has a movable middle element. Bus built in 1:25 scale.

This is the back of the city bus. Bus has a turn signals on both sides. On the roof of the vehicle are roof flaps. On the back there is a large bumper.

This is the inside of the bus. In the bus are passengers and driver. The front of the driver's cab. Bus has a red validating machines for ticket. In the Ikarus 280.26 there are 35 places to sit.
If you want to see the bus, visit the website:

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