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Merlin: Curse of Lamia


“Not a girl, sire. A lamia.”

BBC’s wonderful show Merlin has run for five thrilling seasons and now the adventure continues in LEGO form! The series Merlin is a reimagining of the classic King Arthur tales, with the sorcerer Merlin as a young man living in Camelot where magic is banned. He must conceal his powerful abilities while protecting the kingdom. Filled with magic, action, and monsters, Merlin would be a perfect addition to LEGO.

This set is loosely based on the episode “Lamia.” After rescuing a young girl named Lamia, the Knights of the Round Table, as well as Merlin and Gwen, head off to a castle Lamia claims is her home. When they arrive, though, they find a desolate castle filled with skeletons. As they explore the ruined former palace, Merlin starts to see a change in the Knights. Could it be that Lamia is controlling them? Little does Merlin realize that Lamia is to be his most dangerous foe yet.

This set is based on the ruined castle interior in the episode. I watched the episode repeatedly in order to achieve a design that is both very show accurate and a fun playset. The ruined castle design was very fun to build! Play features include a sword attached to a flick-fire missile that Merlin can “throw” with his magic, as well as a function that allows the user to drop three rocks in front of the door (like the scene where Merlin causes the cave-in).

Accessories include six swords (one for each knight, Gwen’s sword, and the sword Excalibur).

Eight minifigures are included: Sir Percival, Sir Gwaine, Sir Leon, Sir Elyan, Lamia (girl form), Merlin, King Arthur, and Guinevere.

And now for the monster: Lamia! In her human form, Lamia is a beautiful young girl, but in her monster form she is one of the most fearsome creatures Merlin has ever crossed paths with! Monster Lamia has a show accurate fourteen tentacles, as well as two tails. She also has twenty-five points of articulation. I majorly researched the episode to get her design just right.

This set would allow Merlin fans to play out one of the greatest episodes of the series, as well as create their own stories in a time of magic. I believe it would also appeal to non-fans, as it contains eight fantasy oriented minifigs, a very playable castle interior, and a large monster. If you want LEGO Merlin to become a reality, please support and leave a comment if you have the time. Thank you so much for reading!

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