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Natural History Museum


No cityscape is complete without the touch of culture brought by a natural history museum.  The detailed front façade of the structure is all white marble including several statues and finishing touches adorning the intricate upper walls.  Past the colorful flags and iron statue, the impressive stairs take you to the massive doors and detailed inner porch.  The banners above give the visitors a hint as to the exhibits currently on display.

Inner structure

The inside includes two separate upper floor wings and a full lower floor display area all connected by a multi-level staircase.  The large T-rex skeleton greets visitors on the lower floor before they tour the several exhibits representing mankind throughout history.  The lower level is complete with a gift shop. And has details such as intricate pillar bases, inlaid tile floors, and decorative curtains.

Upper Wings

The two separate upper level wings are fully removable to allow unfettered access to the lower level.  The east wing is the pharaoh’s exhibit, complete with the pharaoh’s mummy, sarcophagus lid, headpiece display, hieroglyphic laden walls, and guardian jackal statues.  But the most eye-popping detail is the mosaic tile floor with the image of the pharaoh wearing his decorative headpiece.

The west wing is the ninja exhibit.  The glossy tile floors reflect the fierce exhibits of the uniforms and weaponry of the feared warriors.  While the dragon adorned walls are the finishing touches to the Far East feel.

Above both wings over the main entry is an area perfect for star gazing and exploring the constellations.

Interchangeable Exhibits

Both the lower and the upper floor exhibits are interchangeable to allow for future new ideas for  museum displays (don’t forget to change the banners out front).


Suggested figures include not only tourists and security guards, but exhibits such as: spaceman, American Indian, caveman, barbarian, frontiersman, and both Revolutionary and Civil War representatives.

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