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Bionicle Tahu's Arrival


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 This set features Toa Tahu's Canister, (Though it really could be any Toa's), a cliff with stairs that opens to reveal the Golden Kanohi Hau, Toa Tahu, Turaga Vakama, and Vakama's assistant and a member of the Ta-Koro Guard, Kapura.

Note that, although Vakama's build looks rather fragile, I tested the design out with real pieces and was amazed at how sturdy it was. The only problem was that the arms I was using were already breaking, so they were loose, but they were also loose on Chopov, whom I took them from.

 The designs for Turaga Vakama and Kapura are my own original design, and if you are a serious fan/nerd/geek about Bionicle (G1) like me, you may have noticed that I used the rebuilt form of Kapura rather than the Tohunga form, which would be more accurate to the time period. I did this because my Tohunga are boring and can't really do anything, but my rebuilt Matoran are altogether better for use. I will add an update showing what my original design for the Tohunga is like.

This set was designed for the purpose of being played with, unlike my 3D maps of the Islands, which are meant for display.

For those who don't know the legends:

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