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Italian Village Diorama

This concept came about from a picture of an Italian village, what is interesting about said picture was the meandering steps of the streets which made me realize that it would be neat to showcase this feature in a build and in diorama form. The odd shape of the base came about as I tried to minimize the number of bricks used in order to put more detail in the buildings.

One of the unique things about this diorama build is that one can chose which side to display as each side depicts different settings and moods. Also was considering adding trees to the build as a modification in the future, but kinda wary of it owing to the clutter it would add to the build.

The build from concept to realization took me 3 days (on and off), 2679 bricks with 2 mini figures, enjoy. =)

This is my 81st build and hopefully more to come. As with my previous sets, this is fully playable. If you like this model please do support and share this build with your friends and your social network.

Your opinions, suggestions and comments are most welcome.

Thank you and Happy Building =)

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