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Basilisk of the Black Badlands


Basilisk of the Black Badlands is a set is for anyone who appreciates what can be done with a little imagination and some LEGOs.

More specifically it is a microscale castle set created to show a fun direction to take when you build!  Building at such a small scale means you can build epic scenes much larger than you could before.  Turns out this is not only fun, but economical as you can build a castle with 1/10th of the pieces you could before!

This set contains many versatile pieces that could be recycled into other creations.  For example, a rock slope would look good in a huge variety of sets.  While the rock slope is made for looking, this set really is meant to be played with!  Between the knight, dragon, waterfall, and cave treasure, the foundation for numerous adventures has been laid!

Useful pieces combined with a high play value means there is something for everyone here!  Please help make this a set!  Thank you for your time.

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