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The AR Diamond

When our journey was cancelled, all our plans went down the train.   (that's a pun!)
This train comes with tracks, a nice stream, and 2 minifigures! The roof can be removed on the passenger car and locomotive.
The accessories include:
  1. Ax and saw for chopping and burning the wood
  2. Satchel and Ticket for the conductor/engineer
  3. Guitar, cards, and a drink (use your imagination) for the passengers
  4. Dual silver pistols for the cowboy, for defending the lovely AR Diamond
Why this should be a set:
Everybody loves trains!
Why this should REALLY be a set:
With easy display with the minifigures, and train, it would look fantastic in any shelf/desk/office/kitchen-counter! Lego Ideas has never approved a train before, so with your help and a little bit of luck, I believe we can make this possible! I would really appreciate your support!

Comes with 2 Minifigures
Build has 553 pcs. -A good piece count for a reasonably sized set
Goes on curved tracks
Built with

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