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Collectible Minifigures Guess Who?


Collectible Minifigures Guess Who?

Who does not remember the famous "table" game "Guess Who?" 

For all fans of LEGO, relax in the break of your mocs by playing with your favorite "toy", LEGO.

simple but effective this brings to all LEGO fans hours of funny times, trying to "Guess Who" is the opponent mini figure in the box.

A possible inside the box:

- Two Boards (Red and Blue)

- 32 Minifigures

- And 16 Board Displays


each opponent choose one mini figure and put it inside the box, after that, turn after turn the players ask questions, and the final goal is to discover who is the minifigure inside the opponents box

Suport if you like it.

Thanks in Advance!

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