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UNAC Atlas-class Hovertank


The Atlas-class Hovertank is extremely maneauverable and agile, effortlessly gliding over rocks and debris. It can operate in all environments, even Zero G due to its four engine design. 

The set is very swooshable and is sturdily built, so it doesn't come apart in your hands when you pick it up. It is not based on anything, it is my own design.


  1. Four rotating side thrusters
  2. Fully rotating and elevating main turret
  3. Movable flare launchers
  4. Opening hatch for driver/pilot
  5. Rotating front laser

I envision this set being around £30-35 ($39-46), because of its density. It could be less, but I think that is around where it should be.

I designed this set because I have always wanted to see a Hovertank as a lego set (aside from ones from star wars). I hope you like it!

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