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Pterodactyl Drawn Carriage

He was caught. The bad man had put him in handcuffs. There was no escape, and his precious pterodactyl was put in chains and forced to pull the bad man’s carriage. There was no escape. This fancy carriage has a trapdoor in the roof of the back of the carriage that can open and close for more interactive play. I had a little fun with some NPU (nice part use) on his build. See the hot dog on the bad man’s helmet, the long radio antenna used for a whip, or the lances used as a harness for the pterodactyl? I wanted to build this because I had a LEGO pterodactyl laying around and I thought “When am I ever going to use this?” So I started fiddling around with LEGOs and this is what it turned into. On this build, I liked making the roof nice and smoothed over, while also ensuring that it could still open. The hardest part was designing the lip on the front of the carriage, while still making it look nice and smooth.

Please do not place the whip, the lances, or the sword piece near the eyes

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