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King's Knight's Prison Island

This is my new LEGO Ideas project: King's Knight's Prison Island.

This medieval prison is situated on an island, and features:
  • A Watchtower with ballista.
  • The side of the rock can be opened to gain full access to the inside: the staircases, cellar and storage spaces.
  • The side of the tower can be opened and the roof of the house can be removed to gain access to the living quarters of the guards.
  • Highly detailed interiors.
  • The set contains a boat to carry goods and prisoners to the island.
  • A crane to lift goods into the tower.
  • A boat.

The set is made from just over 2200 bricks and contains 6 minifigures: 5 guards and 1 prisoner.

I hope you like this set, thank you for your support!

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