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Assembly Aircraft Company LS-213 Dragon

Ahoy, LEGO fans! Isn't it awesome what you can create when you just improvise? Imagination is among one of the strongest forces in the universe. This started out as an idea for a jet-powered, 8 winged space fighter. A few changes later resulted in this; a propeller driven biplane. I know, big difference, right? At first the wings were swept forward with a pull-prop engine design, but that looked a little odd so i turned the wings around just to see. I think you'll agree, the standard wings and push-prop design looks much better.

Despite it's menacing name, it's not a fighter and has only minimal defensive armament. The LS in the title actually stands for Logistics Support. It's designed to carry supplies and equipment, serve as a mobile communications link, provide reconnaissance, or troop transport. I estimate a maximum occupancy of five Minifigures including the pilot with some room left over for gear.

Two sets of wings provide lots of lift and agility at high altitudes as well as a high rate of climb.

You'll notice I didn't write any LU-based back story for this. This is for two reasons: One, it was built on a whim. And two, the stories I put with my projects are nothing more than the way I imagine them. The beauty of LEGOs has always been in the way they engage your imagination and fire your creativity; how a formless pile of bricks can become anything you want and can inspire countless little dreams even after it's built and rebuilt over and over. The models people build are just that, models, blank canvasses in polymer frames, waiting to for someone to bring them to life.

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