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The President´s Office


Welcome !! Here you will be well received by the President of Brickland, famous for improving culture, science, technology and lowering the price of tacos and coffee. If you have a good idea that can help the minifigures do not hesitate to meet our President, surely he will be willing to listen to your proposal.

Many curious people come to see his arrival in the presidential car, an old limousine that makes many want to take photos.

A building with references from many countries, located on the corner of a famous street in the city. Its colors and architectural mixtures make it visible at 10 leagues. Currently, its symbol is the 1x1 brick, a symbol of union between all the minifigures.

The building consists of three floors:

-Ground floor:  The large and bright doors allow us access to the hall where we will see a reception desk and a small waiting area. From here we can also access both the garage and the upper floor.

-1st Floor : The workplace of the president, here you can find a presidential table, books, an emergency telephone, and a sideboard with hidden, 'top secret' contents. From this floor we will access the next floor.

-2nd Floor : Rest is essential and from time to time the president watches the news on television, although sometimes she prefers to rest awhile in bed. From here we can access two places, the roof, thanks to a trapdoor with ladder and also a balcony to see the city.

On the roof we can request a helicopter for departures from the air.


The set also includes a car, a bird and 5 minifigures:

-The President of Brickland



-Security guard


Hope you like  this project, and thank you in advance for your support and confidence.

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