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The Disquieting Muses (Le Muse Inquietanti) Giorgio De Chirico

Hello everyone, my name is Marco, and this is my first participation in Lego Ideas.

I've been playing with Lego for as long as I can remember, at least 30 years.
In addition to my passion for Lego, I have a deep appreciation for modern and contemporary art.

The interplay of perspectives and vibrant colors make this artwork a masterpiece of "metaphysical" art.
In this diorama, I've given depth to a 2D artwork with incredible 3D effects.
I'm particularly attached to this work because the castle visible in the background is a representation of the Castle of Ferrara (IT), a structure that is very close to my home.

This set consists of approximately 500 pieces and was created using Studio.
It would be a dream come true for me to see this set realized with Lego bricks.


The Disquieting Muses was painted during in the first part of '900, when De Chirico was in Ferrara. The Castello Estense, near which de Chirico lived, is in the background, rust-red and among industrial buildings. At the front are the two Muses, dressed in classical clothing. One is standing and the other sitting, and they are placed among various objects, including a red mask and staff, an allusion to Melpomene and Thalia, the Muses of tragedy and comedy. The statue on a pedestal in the background is Apollo, leader of the Muses.
Oil on canvas, Private collection

I have recreated one of the most charismatic works by a great Italian artist, Giorgio de Chirico (1888 – 1978)

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