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EVE Raven Battleship

This was originally made by back in 2005 along with a Megathron model. This is based on the CCP MMO, EVE Online, Raven which is arguably the flagship for the Caldari race. The raw power and elegance this ship represents has always caught my eye. And with the ability to lob missile strikes onto the battlefield from afar or stand toe to toe with any other ship (before Capital Ships were in-game) has always inspired me to go ratting.

This has always been one of my favorite ships in the game and recently I decided to add it to the Cuusoo to perhaps share this with the other admirers out there. This was made out of bricks I had from multiple sets I had broken down but I had always envisioned a larger, more detailed version if I had the time and bricks.

The model has been moved several times over many states and remains mostly in tact at the expense of my other sets. Original size was approx 10 inches long by 12 inches wide by 3 inches tall (although I did not take exact measurements).

Since these were created CCP has undergone model changes to the ships in-game. This is based off the original version of the ship and I carry matching in-game screen shots of every angle to compare my model to.

Here you can see the relative size of the models in relationship to a person... me ;)

This image was also feature in EON, The Official EVE Online Magazine in Issue 2, if I recall. I won the LEGO ship building contest, thanks CCP!

Below are multiple shots which were taken in my driveway in mid-day for optimal lighting.

Here is one in-game screen shot taken of the original ship graphic. To see more angles of the model along with like screen shots you can visit


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