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Classic GameBoy


This is an original GameBoy model that I have made out of my very own Lego bricks. For those people who know and have played with the original GameBoy console they will probably recognize what it is. My model includes: one game card that can be inserted into a slot on the top of the model, accurate buttons and controls in almost the right spots, and if you turn the model to the back you will see a battery compartment that can be opened to access Lego batteries that can be removed. 

For those people who have played with a GameBoy before I think this model will bring back many fun memories because it’s so accurate to the original. And for those people who have never heard of or played with a GameBoy before, this model will be fun because it’s easy to build, it’s good for imaginative play, and it’s quite strong.

Hope you like my classic GameBoy model. If you like it please remember to vote for me. 

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