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Vestige of a Past Life


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Based on the documentary Living Universe:
During the 150 days of the Minerva exploration mission in which a spaceship from Earth descends for the first time on an alien planet, Artemis, the ship in charge of the mission, encounters something strange. an interference or disturbance in the field of communications, a sporadic interference of the network. The cause is a strange magnetically charged metallic structure or geometric formation near the sea of ​​Minerva. which is part of an even larger configuration that appears to be a product of design. These could be the ruins of a civilization on the planet minerva b, the tombstone of an extraterrestrial intelligence.

made up of 971 bricks this is one of my best builds

The reason why I built it is because I really like everything related to life beyond the earth and in the confines of the cosmos.

and I think it would be a great Lego set because there are not many buildings with the shape and architectural style like this. and because everyone likes aliens.

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