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The Dreamatorium

The Dreamatorium
Grab your Quantum Spanner, Constable. It's the Blorgons! We have to get back to the X-7 Dimensionizer. There isn't much.. space!

Dream up wild adventures in the Dreamatorium with Troy and Abed. Your mind is the only limit to your creativity! Just make sure not to accidentally break the engine...

About the build
After rewatching all of Community lately I checked Ideas and found an absence of hommages to the incredible, long-running TV show Inspector Spacetime. And since Community is all about pouring your heart and soul into as many dioramas as humanly possible this was the best fitting format I could think of.

The hardest part of this design for me (surprisingly) was the one that looks the simplest: the Dreamatorium walls and floor. Having the yellow lines one tile-with wide was challenging but I managed to pull it off in a reasonably stable way.

I designed the set to be fairly easily split down the middle so I can add other adventures/scenes to the Dreamatorium if I want. If you want to see something specific please let me know!

  • Custom Troy and Abed minifigs, dressed as Inspector Spacetime and Constable Reggie
  • Openable doors to the Dreamatorium's engine
  • Dreamatorium control panel
  • Removable X-7 Dimensionizer with openable door
  • Quantum Spanner
  • Blorgons as buildable figure

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